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Why Goat Milk Soap?

Artisan crafted Goat milk soaps
by: Leonard and Joan Orr


What makes fresh goats milk an exceptional moisturizer?

The protein strands in fresh goat's milk are shorter and therefore more easily absorbed by the skin.

Fresh goat's milk also contains capric and caprylic acids.  These help balance the natural alkalinity of human skin.

Goat's milk is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Fresh goat's milk retains its skin-nourishing nutrients and vitamins.

AND That's why we only use fresh milk in all of our products!!! We Never use parabins, waxes, colorings, alcohol, or water.

There is a 30% Whole Raw goats milk in every bar! Every bar is perfectly balanced with imported olive oil and coconut oil.

Many of our soaps also contain fresh Honey from a local grower and whole Oatmeal!


From ancient times until today, milk and milk
products have been used for medicinal and cosmetic
purposes.  Goat milk soap is often recommended by
dermatologists for their patients who suffer from
skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. 
With its natural emollients, goat milk soap can relieve
dryness and leave your skin feeling silky soft.

"By combining the scientific knowledge of the last
150 years, and the artisans own creativity, each bar
is safe, luxurious, and unique.  Handcrafted soap is
soap in it's true and most pure form."

Cleopatra knew of the health benefits of bathing in milk.

Try our new Luxury  Milk Bath Blends!  For a truly skin softening and relaxing experience.

***********And for your pets soon available***********
"Pupper Dupper pet wash"
All Natural and with tea tree oil!

The children enjoy bottle raising some of the babies & enjoy showing them.




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