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"BlueCollar Turmeric" - Ronny - British Goat Society #HB075566D

Breed: Golden Guernsey Buck, he is by Private Treaty

Birthdate: 4-19-2002

Sire: Bluecollar Meadowlark BG000161DA

Dam: Bluecollar Spicegirl HB073322DA

 We chose this breed specifically for their milk ability and texture. In our opinion the easiest breed to hand milk , hands down. A breed soon  to be accepted into ADGA. We have been working with this guy since we purchased him as a coming 2 year old. He is more puppy dog in nature and my favorite buck ever to handle. 


" Royal Highlands SFA Merlin" - Merlin ADGA Reg: AA162348

Breed:  American Alpine

Birthdate:  3-27-2012

Sire: Soldier-MTN Free Atlas AA1524862

Dam: Day and Night YA Silvery Lace AA1532826

  "Stage Dragon Eragon's Shadow"-Eragon ADGA #D1679235

Breed: Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

Birthdate: 3-6-2014

Sire: Ballardcreek GZ Moon Shadow ADGA#D1556508

Dam: Lil Critters Farm Dawn ADGA#D1458425


Escape "Stage Dragon Escape My Shadow" - Escape ADGA #D1715781

Breed: Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

Birthdate: 12-31-2014

Sire: Carmel Springs NC Joyful Noise ADGA#1706962eragon's

Dam: Stage Dragon MSZO Bubblez ADGA#D1556539


  "Shadow Seven Arthur Royale" - Arthur

 Breed: 50% Alpine Experimental

Birthdate: 3-22-2015

Sire: " Royal Highlands SFA Merlin" - Merlin ADGA Reg: AA162348

Dam: "Gypsy" - Shadow Seven Gypsy Gold Spice ADGA #N1700079


Birdy "LAMS LBP Bye Bye Birdie" - Birdie ADGA#AA1750605

 Breed: American Alpine

Birthdate: 6-6-2013

Sire: The WWH Aragon ADGA#AP1505501

Dam: Sor'N'Son MGM Maggpie ADGA#AA1493141





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