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As you explore the pages containing our goats we would like you to do so with an open mind. We started small to help our oldest sons allergies. We fell in love with the herdsmanship that goes along with raising dairy goats. We are doing our best to create goats and their products to meet both public wants and personal wants. We are breeding up a lot of our stock. That means the parentage of some might be unknown or they are registered by NOA (Native on Appearance) or NOP (Native on Production) either way you don't have to start at the top , that's the easy and expensive way. We have chosen to select our herd based on what's in the bucket. Also by characteristics that appeal to us. 

Now with that said we have shown our goats under some pretty prominent goat breeders and ADGA members at fair shows. Now that we are registering our "Breeding Up " group we will be attending the ADGA sanctioned shows. One of my all time favorite herds who are leaders in the goat product market as well as the show scene is "Redwood Hills" they started as 4H-ers and started at the bottom. That's commitment , pride, and dedication. That's where we Aspire to be...,




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